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Monk Bones PTs in KRT the right way

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Feb. 13th, 2006 | 08:45 pm

one of many high chains i got in good mnk pts
Monk PTs are about the fastest xp you can get in the game.. if they are done right. I have been in great ones and in not so good ones. The not so good ones are still slightly better than a normal xp pt so they are tolerable, but are such a waste. To make sure you get 10k-16k xp/hr and xp chains 30-80+ like you should, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) PT setup MUST be MNK/WAR x3, RDM/WHM, BRD/WHM, WHM/BLM (WHM/SMN might be ok too). That's the only best formation. 4x monks is not good, not enough healing. You need rdm for refresh and convert. You need whm for banish3 on ghosts. Trust me i indulged a few PTs with different formations and they were so much worse than the normal setup.

2) Bard must be the puller, and he must start pulling after singing pt songs, while mnks are still fighting the first monster, and then kite it and sleep it next to monks. From all the best mnk pts i've been in, bard is the best puller. I asked a few of the good ones what their strategy is: they cast Minuet x2 on the 3 monks, then Ballad x2 on mages, then go pull right away the next monster, using elegy on wolf/warrior, and finale on sorcerer/ghost, then run to melees, and lullaby them in front of melee. Monks will voke monster as they see it coming even while fighting another mob, and start facing in its direction so when 1st mob dies they autotarget the next one. As soon as bard lullabies the monster, they can cast ballad and minuet again, and go pull another mob. Often monsters die within 10-30 seconds after monks engage depending on tp, so pulling fast and sleeping is a must.

3) All monks must be hasted all the times. I know mages are used to not 'waste' mp on hasting, but in this PT setup it actually saves a lot more mp to keep monks hasted. Monks do all the damage here, each haste is an extra 13-14% attacks for each mnk, plus the extra weapon skills from the extra tp. Killing a monster faster saves a ton of mp especially considering that just one additional aoe move like black cloud or blood drain can be 150x6=900hp you'll need to cure and even single attacks do 200-300 dmg. Additionally 3 hasted monks can usually interrupt almost every spell, such as thundaga3 burst etc. If you have to skip a spell, don't worry about blindna etc. Paralyna, haste and cure5/regen3 are the main spells needed. Split the haste between rdm (haste 2-3 mnks) and whm (haste 0-1 mnks).

4) Red Mage needs to Dispel *BEFORE* monks engage. This is the most common problem, and the most annoying. Red mages tend to really want to cast silence first and dispel later, after all monks have been paralyzed. This slows down everything, whm brd and rdm now need to cast a lot of paralynas instead of resting mp, singing, etc. Fight lasts much longer and mob spells will go uninterrupted. Sure, bard pulls with finale, but often mobs recast ice spikes as soon as finale hits them, and recast on finale is really long. as soon as there's a mage mob incoming, RDM needs to dispel right away (before it's engaged, and before silence), and silence right after dispel. Not the other way around.

5) White Mage needs to cast Dia2 and Banish3 right away on ghosts. I know this goes against all whms learned in normal PTs, but this is not a normal pt. Both those spells stack and reduce ghosts defense a ton. Before those 2 spells are cast, all monks will hit for 20-30 dmg a hit and ws for 150-200. After they are cast, monks will hit for 130+ per punch and ws for 1000+. Any second that whm delays in casting these is a big drain on everyone's resources and makes the fight much longer. Often this mistake will break a chain as early as chain5. Banish only seems to reduce defense like that on ghosts, and anyways it's not needed on skeletons where a monk can already hit critical for 200 dmg per punch. While opening with banish3 might draw hate on whm for a second, the change in melee damage will almost immediately get back the ghost's attention. Another important note on ghosts is to erase attack down since it's incredibly strong (takes off 300+ attacks from melee hit by it), and cursna or divine seal cursna everyone after, no need to keep people running slow for 10 fights after a ghost.

6) Monks should NOT run toward groups of mobs if your HP is yellow or lower. This is usually the only way you can wipe with this setup. Everything agroes low hp. If it happens, you can take 2-3 adds np with this setup if you're alert but you must provoke mobs off bard so he can lullaby them, you must watch out for mages and ghosts waking up and casting big spells like thundaga3 on you and pt or burst, and if they are centered on you, run out of range if rdm and brd are too busy to silence/sleep. Also kill in order of easy to hard (warrior then mage then ghost last) and let everyone know the killing order.
If monks have bad gear and/or low merits, it's still ok, but eating sole sushi for accuracy and fast tp becomes a must. Keep /autotarget on and face next mob so there's no delay in re-engaging. Also voke any other incoming mob or add away from mages or bards by using provoke from menu and tabbing to choose the target even while fighting.

7) Choose your path and killing speed well. If you're lucky, you might be the only xp pt in King Ramperre's Tomb. If you're not, it's probably ok, blm manaburn or smn PTs will kill very slow in comparison and are likely going in the small loop near the safety of the hidden wall with the strange apparatus. 2 MNK pts are still ok, very good xp still although not as good as being there alone, chains will likely get broken between #15 and #30, oh well.
There are a few paths people have come up usually the path from Vrtra is the best for mobs and xp (also please if you don't have a map of KRT get one, it's a quest in sandoria and costs 20-30 gil...)
Here are 2 pictures (not mine) with good paths:


You get higher chains if you kill slower and get less xp to allow mobs to repop, but it's not usually worth it except for pretty pictures.

8) (NEW)Advanced Strategies: Try at your own risk, these are less fool-proof, meaning you might have a harder time getting them to work for you, but they are possible choices if you are already sort of an expert and want to change things even more. These are mostly from feedback I got from people in forums:

-Russta and other people for example suggests a haste-intensive setup, replacing the whm with rdm, having bard equipped with rdm sub as well and haste+ and fastcast+ gear, and having bard cast only 1 minuet and 1 march instead of 2 minuets (this song combo can also be great in normal setup but depends on whether monks are decked up enough in merits and equip that they can eat meat and hit hard and accurately, in which case the extra speed is great).

-Naikon suggested mnk x2, brd x2, rdm, whm. That can probably work well and as monk I would love the chance of having up to 4 songs on me, plus it can make it easier keeping everyone with ballad and pulling, but I never tried it so try at your own risk.

-A few people suggested monks can bring eye drops, by all means go ahead if you want, it is not strictly required though to get great xp, and if you want to conserve, use only from blindness from dog and ghost moves since it's a much stronger blindness.

-Tsunade also suggested barblizzara for the paralysis especially from dogs, and whm using flash a few times to save on cures when hate is established. I suppose it couldn't hurt to try.

-Also people suggested rdm can be puller and again that's ok too if you have a rdm good at doing it go ahead.

-If you trust your mages and have good counter merits and possibly af2 boots, you can try counterstance, it can be great especially paired with focus, but you also get hit a lot harder so test and see if you can get it to work or if it ends up draining your pt's mp. I had situations where mob cast sleepga on pull on entire pt, and was able to solo it just by using counterstance focus and dodge, but as i said it can be risky.

-Also there were a few suggestions for pullers to use low hp agro in a smart way to make long pulls when short on time (careful to only get 1 this way though), and to use hp+ and hp- gear on purpose to change bard hp to yellow to activate the lvl 50 minstrel's ring (-25% song spellcast time)

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from: lurkakitty
date: Mar. 30th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)

I really like this post you`ve made about KRT parties. As a BRD, my most favorite form of meriting is in bone crushes as it always keeps me busy and exciting. As a bard I have 2 main pieces of gear I swap in and out for pulling and casting songs.

My normal gear setup I use Earth Staff for -20% physical damage [always] various instruments, usually Cornette+1, Horn+1, and Nursemaid`s Harp. Genbu`s Kabuto for HP+50 and VIT+15. Star Necklace, Melody earring +1, and Minstrel`s Earring. I know places where blood aggro is ok to pull and places where it`s not ok, I just keep the mintrel`s earring on so, if coming back from a pull, I go yellow I have -30% physical damage and if not, it`s there waiting when I do. This brings my -physcial damage taken% to -50%. I`m working on getting Loquacious earring, 20 coins away or so.
Hands I use sha`ir gages and damn I wish sheikh weren`t so rare on Garuda. ~Rings~ I`ll use Jelly ring [bringing Physical damage to -55%] and Minstrel`s ring, same thing about the minstrel`s earring. Back, Cheviot cape [Bringing physical damage to -60%] a Gleeman`s Belt, and Sha`ir Seraweels.
Body and feet; I use shair manteel for buffing, minuet and ballad. I find I don`t have time to do all 4 songs before I have to pull, so usually I`ll do minuet x2, pull, ballad x2, pull, pull, repeat. For feet when buffing the party, I use Rostrum Pumps. So potentially I have -40% song cast time, -60% physcial damage taken, and a fast cast effect.
For buffing I use Kirin`s Osode and Suzaku`s Sune-Ate for extra defense, and food, tavnazian tacos. [CHR, HP, MP, and defense]

My boyfriend is levelling bard now and we plan on hitting up many a monk party when our static is over, with him on bard and me on white mage. [Another fun job in bonecrushes] I think he`ll be a better puller once he gets the hang of it, with PLD, RNG, and WAR being his other jobs, he has full god gear to chose from and defending ring to boot. But I plan on trying out that first map/path and maybe also try 2xbrd 2xmnk rdm and whm, since we have a brd friend who wouldn`t mind joining.

Thanks for the great post

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(no subject)

from: genomeffxi
date: Mar. 31st, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)

Nice to hear tips for bard from a bard, sounds like a good equipment setup. I heard loquacious wasn't all that noticeable but that was from ninjas and rdms maybe on long bard spells it makes more of a difference.

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